iHometek offers you the result of many years experience at your neighborhood:

  • Our company has been operating for more than 10 years, and we not only have local market experience, but also have many years extensive experience overseas. Our technicians are of the best multi-skilled computer experts available, and posses up to date information and knowledge about branded and customized pc and MAC computers and laptops, current computer issues and threats, mixed knowledge of security countermeasures, advanced knowledge of networks setup
    and maintenance, and highly experienced with hardware troubleshooting, upgrade and
  • Our backbone is the great network of suppliers and software vendors providing us with the
    highest quality and best brand parts for laptops and desktop computers. Our network of suppliers enables us to respond rapidly to each case requiring hardware for upgrade or maintenance. More than that we have complete knowledge of security hardware and software as well as current common threats and scams, and we recommend implement total security solutions for our clients. Our qualified IT professionals hold tutoring sessions for all age ranges including seniors and school students, and of course we offer special discounts for senior citizens.
  • Last but not least, out Point Of Sale (POS) establishment experiences, make us eligible for all of
    the IT support and hardware/software provisioning support and services. We also offer case-
    specific trainings for POS softwares as well.


          (UTC +10:00 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA)